• Vocational


    Vocational courses are offered through Mount Pleasant Area Technical Center and Alma High School.  Mount Pleasant Area Technical Center

    Graphics I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Prepare for an exciting career in visual arts and printing technology.  The graphics program provides hands-on experience in communicating visual images.  Printing, duplicating, screen printing and photography are emphasized using state-of-the-art technology.  Desktop publishing software, scanners and laser printers are used for packaging, brochure, and commercial design.

    Technical Drafting I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Experience advanced preparation for a technical and competitive field. Combine board work basics and cutting edge Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) training. Flourish in a state-of-the-art lab environment where independence and teamwork aid in the creating of fun and challenging design projects.

    Interior Design I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Join a unique, integrated classroom that provides hands-on experience in applying design and drafting theories and practices.  Create designs that come to life.  Obtain skills to excel in the design world, such as painting, ceramic tile and wall covering installation, and detail finishing. Expand your individual    creativity as well as focus on teamwork skills.

    Building Trades I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Gain a solid foundation in residential building.  Learn framing, siding, roofing, drywall hanging and finishing, masonry, deck building, and finish trim work.  Apply construction skills in lab situations.  Hand and power tool use, teamwork and employability skills are emphasized.

    Residential Electricity I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Prepare for an electrifying career in residential wiring. Learn while installing the wiring.  This program covers electrical materials, wiring layouts, tools, codes, basic circuits, circuit testing methods, and much more.

    Heating and Plumbing I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    This individualized program is preparation for success in a highly competitive industry.  At the School House, run heating ducts, install furnaces, hot water heaters, and various fixtures. Make this course a solid first step towards an apprenticeship program.

    Welding I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Prepare for sparkling-hot career in welding. Learn arc and gas welding, and braising techniques. Read blueprints, use measuring devices and a variety of welding equipment to create and repair metal projects.

    Machine Trades I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Prepare for an exciting and opportunity-filled career in the machining industry.  Obtain skills from basic machining to advanced C.N.C. (Computer Numerical Control) programming.  Work in a hands-on lab, implement classroom theory with individual and team projects.  Gain experience with a variety of technologies: surface grinders, O.D./I.D. grinders, precision measurement, welding, power saws, and drill presses.  Training is also provided on high-tech CNC machines (Mazak and Haas).

    Small Engine Technology I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Obtain the skills to become successful in small engine performance, service,  and repair.  Gain valuable knowledge in a hands-on shop environment that allows  you to work on your own machines.  Practice and learn on a variety of machines,  such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, jet skis, lawn mowers, and more.

    Automotive Technology I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Get a jump-start in the auto-tech industry.  This program follows the curriculum of the National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation (NATEF).  Four areas of study are steering and suspension, engine performance, brakes, and electrical systems.

    Electronics I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    State-of-the-art electronic and industrial robotic labs provide hands-on experience with equipment used in industry. Learn the fundamentals of electronic theory through individual and team projects. Work in specialized areas of interest including industrial robotics, micro-controllers, repair techniques, and circuits.

    Radio Production I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Join an innovative, hands-on program that covers all aspects of audio production, editing, and recording. Gain practical experience using a variety of broadcast equipment. Commercials, public service announcements, newscasts, dramatic presentations, and on-air productions are some of the projects students can produce in our new state-of-the-art studios.

    Television Production I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    This highly creative program provides actual, hands-on experience in a high-tech television studio.  Create newscasts, interview programs, game shows, variety shows, and dramatic presentations.  Equipment operation, studio and remote broadcast procedures, lighting, editing, and audio are just some of the areas    covered.

    Cosmetology I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Unleash your creativity to help people look their best. This program provides instruction in hair cutting, coloring, styling, manicures, facials, make-up application, nail art, and chemical treatments. Learn at the M.J. Murphy Beauty College in a hands-on setting to become a licensed cosmetologist.

    Pre-Teaching I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    Want to become a teacher? Experience the reality of teaching by working in an actual classroom. Create and deliver innovative lesson plans to students in elementary through secondary grade levels.

    Early Childhood Education I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Prepare for a career in human services such as pre-school, health education, elementary education, and family day care. Work as a teacher assistant, become C.P.R. and First-Aid certified, or gain an understanding of child development.  Plan, prepare, and present activities including art, science, table toys, floor toys, pretend, group time and stories, music and games.

    Health Occupations I and II (11-12) 3 Cr.

    This course offers many occupational opportunities in the health care field, as well as First-Aid and C.P.R. certification. Individualized areas of study include First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Sports Trainer, Physical Therapist, Lab Technician, Radiologist, Nurse, Physician, Veterinarian, Dentist, and more. Learn in a clinical setting to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CENA). Gain an understanding of human anatomy as it relates to health and disease in the Medical Terminology course.

    Food Service & Hospitality I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Learn the key ingredients of the food and restaurant industry. Gain hands-on experience operating the school’s restaurant, “Herbs & Spices”. Areas emphasized are meal preparation, baking, salads, kitchen equipment, banquet services, breakfast services, waiter/waitress training, and kitchen and dining room management.

    Marketing I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    Apply marketing concepts in real life settings including: retail, sports, entertainment, hospitality, and tourism. Develop your skills through projects such as product design, market research, pricing, quality service, advertising, public relations, promotions, and operating “The School Store.” Utilize marketing    principles and practices with an emphasis on employability skills and career planning.

    Technical Support/Programming I and II (11-12)    3 Cr.

    The Technical Support program prepares students in the area of technical support and computer programming which includes: troubleshooting, installing, repairing, and networking computers. Programming and software development involves writing source code for software, websites, and games using C++, Visual Basic, Visual J++ and Java. Computer based training, labs, and internet assignments are used to individualize instruction. A+, Network +, INET+, and Programming Certification are available to all students. Completion of this course will prepare students for immediate job entry in the area of technology or articulated course credit at several Michigan colleges.