• Social Studies Department


    U.S. History and Geography (9) 1 Cr. Required

    This course will cover important people, places, and events from 1900 to the Present.  Students will learn from a variety of materials and methods including lectures, textbook, worksheets, videos, internet, discussion, overheads, and multiple other forms as well.  This is a performance based class.  Meaning, 80% of a student’s grade will be determined by major assessments.  With major assessments, students will have a number of options to display their knowledge of chapters and units.  These options range from specific projects, papers, and tests.  Quizzes will account for 20% of a student’s grade.  Homework and daily work count for points or “bones” as we call them.  Students need bones to pay for major assessments.

    World History and Geography (10) 1 Cr. Required

    This class will include various areas of information from the field of Social Studies. It will include the study of history, geography, world cultures and select modern day events that have significant importance in world affairs. The student will learn about the seven continents and a majority of the countries of the world. They will be required to learn the capital cities of these major countries and major physical features of these areas such as bodies of water, mountain ranges, and deserts. The class will also study major historical events that are important to the development of influential countries. These studies will include important events, people, and cultural developments that are significant to mankind. Class assignments will consist of worksheets, quizzes, tests, and reports. Information will be learned through the reading and discussion of newspaper articles, fact sheets, selected areas of textbooks, and research.

    Civics (11) .5 Cr. Prerequisite: US History and World History  Required

    Required for all Juniors, this course will study the national government of the United States. It will focus on the different forms of government and terminology that is used in the field of government. It will also cover the U.S. Constitution and the three branches of the government of the United States. Early historical events and the role of political parties are also covered in this one trimester course. The student will be required to write a bill for the Mock Senate. Class assignments will include worksheets, tests and quizzes.

    Economics (11) .5 Cr. Prerequisite: US History and World History  Required

    Required for all Juniors, this course will study the basic concepts and terminology of economics. It will focus on the different types of investment opportunities and economic theories. This one trimester course will also cover the many ways that governments can become involved in the economic matters of the country. A special emphasis is placed on the development of world trade. Class assignments will include work sheets, tests, and quizzes.