• Music Department

    Participation in all bands in the Instrumental Music Department is expected to be a full year commitment for all students. Students should also be aware, that due to the co-curricular nature of these classes, there will occasionally be performances, community programs, festivals, etc. during the school day, after school, and on weekends. It is a requirement of all band members to attend these activities as announced during the year. A concert schedule is available on the first day of school and may be supplemented as needed.


    Choir (9-12) 1 Cr.

    Choir is a performance based class for students who are interested in vocal music. It is also an outlet for the student who enjoys singing for his/her own pleasure.  The following musical skills for ensemble singing will be stressed:  proper breathing, pleasant vocal production, blend and balance, expansion of range, good intonation, ear training, and sight-reading.  Various styles of choral literature will be explored which will prepare for membership in one of the select choirs by audition.  Participation in various performances is a requirement of the class. Out-of-school rehearsals, performances, and activities are part of the course grade.  These activities are integral elements that support and extend learning in the classroom.

    Concert Band (9-12)  1 Cr.

    Prerequisite: 2 years of band experience
    During the first marking period, the concert band functions as the Marching Band. The band will perform at all home varsity football games as well as the Homecoming and Memorial Day parades. At the conclusion of the football season, students will audition for chair placement in the concert band. Students must take both semesters.

    Jazz Band (9-12)  1 Cr.

    Prerequisite: Audition and/or permission of instructor
    Students enrolled in this class will be part of the St. Louis High School Jazz Band. Due to the specific instrumentation of the jazz band, class size is limited and determined by audition the previous year. Class meets every school day from 7:05-7:50AM. The band’s repertoire includes classic jazz to contemporary, and everything in between. Performances will include school concerts, pep band performances and statewide jazz festivals.