• Mathematics Department

    Pre-Algebra I A  .5 Cr.

    This remedial math class will not count as a math credit but will count as an elective credit. Pre-algebra I is a course designed to prepare students for algebra. Students sharpen basic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Basic math properties, order of operation, problem solving, factoring, estimating, fractions, solving equations and inequalities, and graphing are other key concepts. Students can be enrolled in Pre-Algebra only with the permission of the teacher.

    Algebra I (9)  1 Cr. Required

    Algebra I is for those ninth grade students who have taken Pre-Algebra as eighth graders or have been successful in 8th grade general math. Algebra I covers the basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) as well as linear and quadratic equations, polynomials, exponents and square roots. This class also includes solving word problems and graphing of linear equations. Upon the completion, students should proceed to geometry. The use of technology within the classroom will be graphing calculators. Staff will teach the students how to use the graphing calculators so they are proficient with them.

    Geometry (9-10)  1 Cr. Prerequisite: Algebra I Required

    This course will cover the following topics: points, lines, and planes,  congruent triangles, quadrilaterals and proportions, right triangle trigonometry, transformations, circles, area, surface area, and volume.  Additional topics may be covered as well.  The course will integrate algebra throughout the year and help prepare students for the MME test.

    Algebra II (10-11) 1 Cr. Prerequisite: Geometry

    This course will cover topics listed in the current Common Core Curriculum for Algebra II.  Graphing Calculators will be used throughout the entire course.

    Pre-Calculus (11-12) 1 Cr. Prerequisite: Algebra II

    This class is taught as a feeder class for calculus. The topics covered will be of great value for calculus. It will be taught as a problem-solving class with very little emphasis on proofs. The method of teaching is of a discussion type with student participation expected. Content will include: linear functions, synthetic division, theory of equations (rational roots, remainders, factoring, imaginary roots), complex numbers, sequences, exponential functions and trigonometry (solution of triangles, identities and trig. Equations/graphing of trig. Functions, analytic geometry, conic sections (circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola), straight line and curve sketching. There will be extensive use of graphing calculators. Grading will be based upon homework, quizzes, and tests.

    AP Calculus (12) 1.5 Cr. Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus

    This course is the equivalent of college freshman calculus. Class will be a combination of discussion and homework. Problem-solving will be the type of work done with very little emphasis on proof work. Content of the class includes velocity, slope of a line, differentiation, maxima, and minima of a curve, integration, volume and area. There will be extensive use of graphing calculators. The aim of the class is to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement test. Grading will be based upon homework, quizzes and tests.

    Probability and Statistics (11-12) .5 Cr. Prerequisite: Algebra II

    This class is designed to briefly cover topics in elementary statistics. Topics to be covered include: frequency and distribution graphs, data descriptions, probability and counting rules, the normal distribution, confidence intervals and sample size, hypothesis testing, and correlation/regression. Students will be required to use a TI-84 plus graphing calculator.