• Art Department

    Art I (9-12)  1 Cr.

    This course will provide students with basic art experiences in drawing, painting, and sculpture. In addition, they will study art produced by the masters.

    Art II (10-12)  1 Cr. Prerequisite: Art I

    Skills acquired in Art I are developed here. Instruction continues in drawing, painting and sculpture along with introduction to new media. Art history and criticism are part of Art II.

    Art III (11-12)  1 Cr. Prerequisite: Art II

    During the student’s third year in Art, the courses are structured to allow the student to develop techniques acquired in I and II and also to introduce the student to new media. As with I and II, art history and criticism are part of the program. During this year, the student will put together a portfolio of work done over the course of study in the art program.

    Art IV (11-12)  1 Cr. Prerequisite: Art III

    This course is designed for the self-motivated senior who has advanced throughout Art I, II, and III. The student must have demonstrated a serious interest in the study of art, maintained an art GPA of 3.0 or higher. During this course of study the student will expand their portfolio.