• Mission, Vision, & Beliefs


    St. Louis Public Schools is the home of the St. Louis Sharks. We provide a quality education and create a hometown feeling in our schools. Our theme for parents, staff, and students of St. Louis Public Schools is: "Together we Can, Together we Do!" It takes all of us working together to support our children and continue to have such a fine upstanding community.

    Mission Statement

    The St. Louis Public School District exists to prepare literate, career and college ready graduates.

    Belief Statements

    • We believe students need to be fluent readers.
    • We believe students must comprehend what they read.
    • We believe all students should be reading on grade level or above grade level every year.
    • We believe students should be proficient in number sense and algebraic thinking, and reasoning skills.
    • We believe we should offer supports for students at all levels to meet them where they are and allow them to grow.
    • We believe students should be proficient writers.
    • We believe students should be able to take a position and provide evidence to support that position.
    • We believe our students should have the ability to problem solve.
    • We believe we need to provide our students technology tools to be successful in the 21st century.
    • We believe our staff and students must be surrounded by a positive and supportive environment to allow the highest levels of learning to be achieved.
    • We believe our students should be able to communicate effectively to be skilled thinkers and self-advocates.
    • We believe collaboration abilities are a crucial part of learning for both staff and students.


    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to ensure that our students can succeed in a global society. 
    In order to do that we will:
    • develop an exemplary educational program,
    • encourage each student to excel,
    • emphasize the importance of lifelong learning,
    • be leaders in developing innovative educational techniques and programming.

    District Profile

    This is a very exciting time to be an active participant in the education of our children, and it is also a time of transformation and growth. Our administration, staff, and teachers join with our Board of Education and Administrative colleagues in pledging our collective commitment to the improvement of our schools. St. Louis Public Schools has a K-12 population of over 1,000 pupils. We strive to provide an exemplary education program K-12 and are committed to academic growth. In 2015-2016, we implemented a K-12 1:1 computing initiative. We offer an exemplary K-12 music program including our unique steel drum band. St. Louis High School students successfully compete at the state and national levels in FFA, and Business Professionals of America. In our Vocational programs, we offer courses designed to prepare students to be career and college ready in Agriculture, Business, Accounting, and Digital Media. Students can also complete college courses for credit while still attending high school as well as over 20 Career Technical Education programs. Many of our students also travel to Spain as part of our Spanish program and Germany as part of our Links program. In addition, we offer athletic opportunities for students in grades K-12.We have had many successes over the years, but we also face many challenges as we prepare all students to live in a world that is becoming more technical and global. St. Louis is a great place to live and St. Louis Public Schools is a great place to learn!