• Student Services

    Student Services offers programming for those students requiring Title I Services, Section 31A Services, or Special Education Services
    Jennifer McKittrick-Superintendent & State/Federal Programs Director (jmckittrick@stlouisschools.net)
    Steve Taylor - Special Education Coordinator (staylor@stlouisschools.net)

    Special Education Services 

    Special Education Staff

    Carrie Knause Elementary Staff  - Railey Sebolt Carrie Knause Resource Room (rsebolt@stlouisschools.net)

    Nikkari Elementary Staff -  Kelly Peak - Resource Room (kpeak@stlouisschools.net)

    Middle School Staff

    Cindy Castillo - Resource Room (castillo@stlouisschools.net)

    Dylan Gutierrez - Resource Room (dgutierrez@stlouisschools.net)

    High School Staff
    Jordan Miller - Resource Room (jmiller@stlouisschools.net)
    Summer Nobis - Resource Room (snobis@stlouisschools.net)

    Title I Staff
    Jessica Plont - Nikkari Title I Teacher (jplont@stlouisschools.net)
    Carmen Bajena - Carrie Knause Title I Teacher (cbajena@stloiusschools.net)

    GIRESD  Staff
    Kim Laurenz- Occupational Therapist
    Kelli Koonter-Physical Therapist
    Lisa Biehl-School Social Worker
    Nikoma Lipka-GIRESD Deaf Education/Hard of Hearing-TSN
    Erica Clawson-GIRESD Deaf Education/Hard of Hearing-Nikkari & HS
    Kristin Knight-GIRESD Deaf Education/Hard of Hearing-Carrie Knause & Teacher Consultant
    Tim Ferguson-GIRESD MoCI Classroom-HS
    Kailei Mapes-GIRESD MoCI Classroom-TSN
    Anne Steere-GIRESD Deaf Education/Hard of Hearing Teacher Consultant

    In conjunction with the Gratiot-Isabella RESD, the St. Louis Public Schools provides a full array of special education services necessary to meet the individual needs of all students with special needs. St. Louis Public Schools buildings provide programming for students with a wide variety of disabilities.

    Should staff members or families have concerns about the educational needs of students, a referral process may be initiated from which it will be determined whether special education services are necessary. We have a flowchart available that outlines the referral and IEP process.

    For assistance in identifying the various acronyms associated with special education, refer to the attached chart.

    The Michigan Department of Education website provides information to families about special education rules and regulations. Additionally, you may access a copy of Procedural Safeguards Available to Parents of Students with Disabilities. (Also available in Spanish.)

    For additional information on special education, access one of the following sites-both clearinghouses for sites in most every special education area of interest:

    Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) is a collection of Internet-accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education. This collection exists in order to make online Special Education resources more easily and readily available in one location. This site will continually modify, update, and add additional informative links.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I want to have my child tested for special education support services. How do I go about doing this?

    If you have concerns about your child"s academic progress, discuss them with your child"s teacher. They may have suggestions on what you can work with your child on at home. If, after using the suggestions, you are still concerned, contact your child"s principal to schedule a Child Study Team. This team consists of our school psychologist, a social worker (if necessary), your child"s teacher, principal, and yourself. At this time, your child"s progress will be discussed, and a short-term plan will be developed and implemented. If, after this plan is implemented, the team feels that progress is still not being made, a referral for special education services will be made.

    I have questions concerning special education services in the St. Louis Public Schools. Who do I contact?

    Please direct questions to Mr. Steve Taylor at 681-5155, or by e-mail at staylor@stlouisschools.net

    Title I Services

    What is Title I?

    The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students identified as failing or most at risk of failing the state’s challenging performance standards in mathematics, reading, science, and writing. The Title I program will provide your student with extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.

    What does Title I offer for your child?

    Title I programs generally offer:

    • Smaller classes or special instructional spaces
    • Additional teachers and aides
    • Opportunities for professional development for school staff
    • Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills they need
    • A variety of supplementary teaching methods
    • Additional teaching materials which supplement a student’s regular instruction