• School Safety Drills

    Below you will find a report of each of our school safety drills for the school year.  St. Louis Public Schools will hold five fire safety drills, three tornado drills, and two lock-down drills each year to help our staff and students be more prepared in the event of possible school emergencies.  School safety is very important to us at St. Louis Public Schools. 
    The following forms are also available in the superintendent's office for your review.  They are scanned and will be inaccessible for screen readers for those with disabilities.  Due to forms being updated regularly, they will continue to be scanned.  If you are experiencing accessibility issues, please contact us.

    Carrie Knause Elementary 

    2022 - 2023 Carrie Knause Safety Drills Report

    Nikkari Elementary

    2022-2023 Nikkari Safety Drills

    TSN Middle School

    2022-2023 TSN Safety Drills

    High School

    2022 - 2023 SLHS Safety Drills



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