Mrs. Reeves

  • Mrs. Terri Reeves
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    Phone number:    (989) 681-2500 ext. 1113
    English Department

    Mrs. Reeves teaching Mrs. Reeves is a graduate of Central Michigan University and is an experienced teacher of English, Business, and yearbook. In her classroom, she focuses on issues of Social Justice through reading fiction and nonfiction texts, writing, research, and speaking. Students in her classroom explore issues pertaining to the Holocaust, Imperialism, war, and genocide in Africa, child marriage and women’s rights, racism, and immigration. Some of the texts she teaches include Night, Things Fall Apart, A Long Way Gone-Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Malcolm X, Dear Martin, Speak, I Am Nujood, and Enrique’s Journey. Terri uses technology in her classroom extensively, utilizing Google Education Applications, Microsoft Office products, and Adobe. She also teaches Graphic Design and photography skills in her yearbook production class. Outside of the classroom, Terri has been involved in developing and teaching workshops on technology for elementary and secondary teachers. Terri is also a member of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Michigan Council of Teachers of English, and has served as a guest editor for Pedagogy: A Critical Approach to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture published by Duke University Press.

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