Mr. Stedman

  • Name: Kevin Stedman
    Email Address:
    Phone number: (989) 681-2500 X1110

    Best time to contact me by phone:  M-F  10:55-11:15 am     

    It’s important for you to know that I am here to help students be successful any way that I can.  I’ve served students in education for many years and am very excited to be teaching once again this year.  I can offer the following assurances.  I will be prepared to teach each and every day that I am here.  I will treat students with respect and will expect the same from them.  I will arrive each day around 7:30 am and be here after school most days, once football season is over (Hail Sharks!).


    Looking forward to a great year!

    Mr. Stedman


    Courses I am teaching this year: 

    AP Calculus

    Physical Science




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