Welcome to the St. Louis Public Schools Agricultural Science and FFA Department

  • St. Louis is proud to offer courses of study in Agriscience, Food, and Natural Resources as a part of wholesome education for students. As a part of enrollment in an Ag Science class students will also complete a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and expected to participate in FFA. Agricultural Education is founded on a three-component model; Classroom Instruction, SAE, and FFA. Active participation in all components is expected of all students.
  • Classroom and Student Expectations: 

    Attendance and Punctuality

    • Be on time and in class. If you are late, you will either be marked tardy or excused if you have a pass
    • You are responsible for verifying all excused absences with the office
    • You are responsible for checking for makeup work from being late or gone

    Participation and Respect

    • Participate in class discussions, projects, and activities in a mature, courteous, and respectful manner
    • During a discussion, please respect the rights of others and do not talk while someone else is talking
    • Use classroom time effectively. You will have class time to finish most projects, DO NOT WASTE IT!
    • Keep the room neat and orderly, dispose of trash, and push chairs in.
    • Students should be respectful and courteous to speakers, guests, other students, instructors, and school employees
    • Be honest – we all make mistakes, own your actions, learn from them and make the situation right
    • Choose your attitude and actions carefully, for they will affect yourself and others around you
    • Respect animals and all equipment, failure to do so will result in consequences
    • Ask questions if uncertain about a task or concept

    Cell Phone Policy

    • Students will follow the outlined policy in the “Student Handbook”


    • Students need to follow all safety procedures outlined by the school, instructor, and department.
    • Any student not following the proper safety procedure can be excluded from participating in that activity or from participating in the class. Depending on the nature of the event, students will be given an alternate assignment or removed from the class.


    • FFA is an integral part of the Agriculture curriculum and will be discussed in all classes
    • FFA is an optional activity for students enrolled in Agricultural Education courses
    • Students interested will pay a $20.00 fee and complete a membership form to be active members in the FFA

    Grading Policy/Scale

    • Grades are earned through an accumulation of points throughout the grading period based on tests, quizzes, projects, and class discussions. Each quarter is worth 45% with a final worth of 10%.

    A 100-93%  A- 92-90%

    B+ 89-88%  B 87-83%  B- 82-80%

    C+ 79-78%  C 77-73%  C- 72-70%

    D+ 69-68%  D 67-63%   D- 62-61

    F Below 60%  I – Incomplete, to be made up within 10 school days after semester end

    • Turn in assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects on time.
    • Assignments turned in late will be penalized at a rate of 5 per day.
    • Cheating is a serious offense. It will result in a zero for the parties involved in the specific assignment, test, or project. If I suspect you cheating, I reserve the right to require you to do additional assignments/assessments, to prove your knowledge and work.
    • DO YOUR OWN WORK unless I allow groups to work together.

    SAE Project

    • Every student enrolled in the St. Louis Agricultural Education Department will be conducting an (SAE) project.
    • You must keep records of work hours and activities relating to the SAE area. Students must verify at least 10 hours of experience outside of class time per quarter. Each student will be required to give a short presentation about their SAE project. The project will be worth 100 points in total. A further in-depth project plan will be provided to students.

    Additional Information

    • We will be having animals entering our classroom and visiting for different classes. If you have any allergies or issues, please contact Mr. Bernia as soon as possible.

    Final Expectations

    • I have high expectations for my students and I will not lower my expectations regardless of the situation.
    • If you are having problems I am in my room before and after school or make arrangements to come at some other time. I can’t help you if you do not ask for it.
    • Have Fun!!!