•  Mrs. Julie A. Brown
    My name is Julie Brown and I'm married to Matt Brown, who is from St. Louis.  We have four children all of whom are in school.  Michael and Megan are in college, Jacob and Jennifer are both at St. Louis High School. 
    I earned my teaching degree from Alma College and have taken my graduate classes at CMU and online. 
    I love teaching, especially early childhood students.  I'm looking forward to working with you and your child.  It is so exciting when the children are learning to read.  I like to use a combination of small groups, large groups and centers for learning.  We will do many hands-on activities to try to meet every child's individual learning needs.  We will have a theme every month and will have lots of new experiences.  The children will watch a monarch caterpillar as it changes to a butterfly, we will study apples, and after learning about farms and their products we will make our own bread and butter.  These are just a few of the activities for the year!
    My hope is that your child will have a great year and learn to love reading as we work together for your child's education!