• Cavalcade Yearbook 2019-2020
    Theme: Anything But Typical
    Publisher: Walsworth

    At St. Louis High School, the yearbook class combines leadership skills, marketing, advertising, sales, graphic design, journalism, and photography all in one class. It is an amazing opportunity to learn what it takes to create a memory book or document that is purchased by close to 150 people and contains a year’s worth of memories.  At the end of the year, when everything has been pulled together and is sent for printing, each student in this class will have pride in the fact that they have created a professional, well-written and designed book that will live on long past their years at St. Louis High School.

    Yearbook is a student-led production class, and students must work closely with their peers. Experienced students will lead the class as editors, and they will help new students in the creation of this book. Therefore students must understand that teamwork is an important part of being in yearbook. The majority of decisions for layout, design, and production are student based; however, Mrs. Reeves will approve final layout decisions and designs, and students may be asked to make revisions in articles, designs, and/or layouts.