Welcome to Earth Science

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  • Next Generation Science Standard


    Earth Science
    This class includes the study of the scientific method, Rocks and Minerals, Plate Tectonics, Running Water, Earthquakes and Volcanism. This class also includes the study of Historical Geology, Meteorology and Astronomy. Laboratory investigations are an important part of Earth Science, including Rock Identification, and River Profile. Students are required to keep a notebook with notes and daily work. Class assignments will consist of worksheets, quizzes, tests, and reports. Information will be learned through the reading and discussion of newspaper articles, fact sheets, selected areas of textbooks, and research.  Students will also be required to participate in science fair and will present in an evening community forum.



    Semester One:                                                                         Semester Two: 

    • Intro to Earth Science                                                             -Glaciers 
    • Rocks and Minerals                                                                - Soils
    • Plate Tectonics                                                                       - The Oceans
    • Earthquakes                                                                           - The Atmosphere
    • Volcanoes                                                                              - Weather                                                           
    • Groundwater                                                                          -Astronomy
    • Geologic Time