• Earth Science


    Instructor: Mr. Burleson Email: mburleson@stlouisschools.net Room #: 110

    Textbook: Pearson Hall Earth Science 2011. Our textbook is available online.


                Username: Earth_Science2016

                Password: Burleson110


    Course Description:


    At the most basic level, science is a process of trying to make sense of the Earth Science. This process consists of making observations, explaining those observations, and using the observations and explanations to predict what will happen in the future.


    Course Outline:

    This class includes the study of the scientific method, Rocks and Minerals, Plate Tectonics, Running Water, Earthquakes, Volcanism. This class also includes the study of Historical Geology, Meteorology and Astronomy. Laboratory investigations are an important part of Earth Science, including Rock Identification, and River Profile. Class assignments will consist of worksheets, quizzes, tests, and reports. Information will be learned through the reading and discussion of newspaper articles, fact sheets, selected areas of textbooks, and research. Students will also be required to participate in science fair and will present in an evening community forum.


    Course Objective:

    This class will aligned to the current Michigan Science Standards.




    You are expected to stay organized with your work in this class. 


    YOUR BOOK IS NOT A FOLDER! If you need a folder just ask the teacher.


    Bell Work:

    Each day there will be an opening question on the board. As you come into class, please take your seat quietly and complete the question in your warm-ups section of your binder. If you miss a day it is the students’ responsibility to get the missed question. This is for a weekly grade


    Hall Passes

    • Hall passes will be given in the event of an emergency, Use the bathroom before class.



    Class notes are very important. Classroom assessments will be based on information from your textbook as well as notes within class. During class, you will be responsible for taking notes, completing worksheets, activities, etc. and organizing these in your binder. Keeping your notebook in good shape and keeping notes and homework in order NOW will save you a lot of time in the future.



    There may be one or more projects assigned each semester. They may require independent research, a written portion, visuals, or an oral presentation. Details will be provided when the individual project is assigned. The projects may be individual or group-oriented. In the spring semester students will be required to participate in Science Fair, which will include an evening community presentation piece. 


    Test Retake Policy:

    All students will be given the option to retake any test throughout the year. If a student fails they will be required to retake the test, arrangements will be made outside of class time. Any test score less than 60% will go in the gradebook as a zero until retake test.



    • No missing assignments for the unit and complete a new test review sheet.

    • All test retakes will need to be completed within one week of the original test date.

    • The retake test score will replace the original test! The retake test is a different test than the original test.


      Student Emails:

      Students are more than welcomed to send the teacher regarding the class. Emails received after 4:30pm may not be replied to until the next morning.


      Absence Policy:

      Makeup Work: It is your responsibility to pick these assignments up upon return. Please label absent work as ABSENT and place in the homework tray!


      If you miss class due to an excused absence, you are responsible for any notes and assignments

    • If you miss a laboratory exercise, quiz or test, you will need to contact me to make arrangements to come in before or after school and complete it. 

    • For lengthier absences, I will make arrangements with you on an individual basis. 

    • If you know that you will be missing a class period, you should ask for the day’s assignment in advance and turn it in when you return to school. 

    • For school function assignments will need to picked up before the absence.


      Late Work:

    • Assignment will be considered late after due date. After the due date, a max 50% will be given.


    • Three tardies will result in ONE Hour afterschool detention. Three tardies also equal one absence.


    Extra Credit:

    • I do not offer extra credit




    Marking Period grades are determined as follows: 50% by assessment grades (tests and quizzes), 30% activities and labs, and 20% will be determined by homework/classwork score (this may include activities graded on participation).


    Quizzes and Tests                                                       50%

    Labs, Projects and Activities                                     30%

    Homework and Daily Work                                       20%


    Semester grades are determined as follows: each marking period grade is worth 45% of the final grade and the exam will be worth 10%. The semester grade determines pass/fail in the class, is used to calculate GPA, and is used to determine eligibility for scholarships/academic awards.


    Marking Period                      45%

                Marking Period                      45%

                Exam                           10%


    Grade Scale: 93-100% A    83-86% B       73-76% C       63-66% D

                            90-92% A-     80-82% B-     70-72% C-     60-62% D-

                            87-89% B+    77-79% C+  67-69% D+    Below 60% F


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:


    1. When one person is talking, EVERYONE else is listening.
    2. Mr. Burleson dismisses you, NOT the bell.
    3. Students are to be working on the bell work at the ring of the bell.
    4. Bring all books and materials to class
    5. Show respect to others. Please be courteous, listen, and show respect to the teacher as well as other classmates. The same respect shall be given to you as well.
    6. Show respect to the property in the room. If any lab equipment or class material is broken or damaged due to negligence or horseplay, a fine will be charged to the student at the end of the year.
    7. Sit in your assigned seat daily
    8. Please take care of bathroom, hunger, thirst, etc. before coming to class. No food or Gum in class, Water is Okay.


    You should be prepared for class each day and bring the following items:

    • Writing Utensil and Paper
    • Any homework or assignment due that day
    • Textbook
    • Binder/Notes



    Electronic Devices

    • Smart phones, tablets, and personal device are not allowed. Your chromebook are is the only device you will need in class. Please see SLHS School Board approved policy