• Snacks & Birthday Treats




    Each month I will send home a snack request asking families to provide a snack on a certain date. This is the easiest and most fair way to share snack responsibilities. Healthy snacks are encouraged.  Children enjoy sharing snacks with their friends and passing it out themselves. Items that are easy for the children to pass out and open themselves make snack time run more smoothly. 


    Birthday Treats:
    I will try to schedule your child's assigned snack day on or near their birthday. Students are welcome to share a special birthday treat. We will enjoy the treat during our snack time on those special occasions. Please send the treat in the morning, because our snack time may vary.

    Suggested Healthy Snacks: low in fat and sugars, small portion size 

    Crackers (animal, goldfish)


    Granola bars

    Graham crackers