• Show & Tell 

    Here is a list of monthly themes for Show and Tell.  Please refer to the calendar that comes home each month for your child's day.  If you have questions or a scheduling conflict, please let me know.  

    September-“All About Me” bag (a getting to know you activity)

    October-“October Sharing" bag

    November-"November Sharing" bag

    December-“Environmental Print” bag

    January-Share your favorite gift from this Christmas

    February-Your choice!

    March-"March Sharing" bag

    April-"April Sharing" bag

    May-"Mystery" bag
    Snack-Your child's snack day is the same as his/her Show and Tell day.  Please provide snack for 24.  If you choose to send a drink, please provide cups as well.  Juice boxes work great as they are faster and easier to distribute.  However, do not feel as though you need to send drinks.  We have a drinking fountain in our classroom for the children to use.  Water bottles permitted.
    Birthdays-I will try to schedule your child's snack day as close to his/her birthday as possible.  If you would like to send a special treat in honor of it, please feel free.  Cupcakes typically make a huge mess so please talk with me first so we can discuss other options.  The janitors will appreciate it!  Instead of a special birthday treat, please inquire about our "Birthday Book Club!"

    1/2 Birthdays-If your child's birthday falls in the summer, I will acknowledge them on their 'half birthday."  That way everyone gets a chance to celebrate with us!