• Governance Team

    St. Louis Public Schools District is administered by a 7-member Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools working together as the school system governance team. A system of site-based management gives each school’s principal and team of staff, parent and community representatives, responsibility for implementing system policies and curriculum.

    Policy Makers - The Board of Education sets policy not otherwise controlled by federal and state laws. It reviews and approves local education budgets for funding by local taxpayers and oversees expenditures from county, state and federal sources.

    Responsibilities - The Board hires and reviews the work of the Superintendent, monitors implementation of the school system’s master plan, and gives final approval to curriculum matters and materials, staff appointments, equipment purchases, land acquisitions, and school construction, renovations and repairs. The Board has two standing committees: the Curriculum and Instruction Committee and the Facilities and Finance Committee. Both review the issues and make recommendations to the full Board.

    Elected - Voters elect three or four Board members to six-year terms every two years.

    Superintendent - As the chief executive officer of the St. Louis Public Schools, the Superintendent serves as the system’s curricular, fiscal and community leader. The Superintendent is responsible for assuring that the school system carries out Michigan public laws relating to schools, the Michigan State Board of Education’s bylaws and policies, and the local school Board’s mission, goals and policies.