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    I graduated from SVSU in 2008 with a double major in English and history.  I then went on to CMU and received a master’s degree in educational technology.  This will be my tenth year teaching for St. Louis Public Schools.  The first two were spent at TSN Middle School, and I have been teaching at St. Louis High School since 2011.  



    U.S. History

    U.S. History is a yearlong survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present.  The course will introduce major social, political, economic, and cultural events and how those events affected the development of American society.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents.


    U.S. History



    World History is a year-long required survey course that explores the key events and global historical developments since 3000 B.C. that have shaped the world we live in today. The scope of  World History provides the latitude to range widely across all aspects of human experience: economics, science, religion, philosophy, politics & law, military conflict, literature & the arts. The course will illuminate connections between our lives and those of our ancestors around the world. Students will uncover patterns of behavior, identify historical trends and themes, explore historical movements and concepts, and test theories. Students will refine their ability to read for comprehension and critical analysis; summarize, categorize, compare, and evaluate information; write clearly and convincingly; express facts and opinions orally; and use technology appropriately to present information.

    World History Syllabus



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