Media Center


Doug Knauf, Media Specialist
113 E. Saginaw St.
St. Louis, MI  48880
Phone: (989) 681-2500 ext. 1015

Mr. Knauf


     The Media Center at St. Louis High School is staffed by Media Specialist Mr. Doug Knauf.  The library houses a collection of over 8,000 books.  The materials in the library are accessable through an online public access catalog, and all circulation is automated.  The Media Center has 33 computers available for student and staff use.  There are five computers in the main room and 28 in the adjacent lab.  There is room for over 40 students to work in the Media Center. Lounge seating is available and magazine and newspaper racks are stocked with the latest issues of many popular titles.  The Media Center is open for class or individual visits throughout the school day.  Most mornings the Media Center is open by 7:30 a.m.  After school hours are irregular and are based on Mr. Knauf's schedule.  The Media Center is closed for lunch.