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Fall 2014 News
The 2014-2015 school year is off to a great start. The freshmen are starting to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. We have started college visits for Eleventh and Twelfth graders. The teaching staff have been working together to focus on departmental goals. Custodial and Maintenance have continued their hard work on the building and facilities. Our secretaries and support staff have been working very hard to make sure the school is running smoothly.

After a month of school, administration will begin to look at students with low grades. In an effort to intervene before the marking period, we start to target our struggling students. We will establish goals with students and help them plan and organize for success in the classroom. We will also begin speaking with students who are showing signs of  truancy. It is a district wide goal to improve the attendance of our students, and that will be a focus this year at the high school. We need your help!  Our students can NOT learn when they are not in school. We need everyone to be committed to our students being in school everyday all day.  
Next week we will begin our Homecoming festivities. This will be an excellent opportunity for our students to celebrate  with their classes.  The homecoming schedule is posted on the school homepage. We hope you are able to be involved.  
Please continue to log on to PowerSchool to keep track of your student’s grades. Login information can be provided by Mr. Knauf in the Media Center. Students also have access to PowerSchool. We encourage all of our students to be present in their own learning.  By having access to PowerSchool students gain the ability to be responsible for the outcome of their education. 

In an effort to communicate with parents, the High School will send out monthly newsletters. These will include up-to-date news from the high school, important dates for the month, and spotlights from different departments. It is our hope parents/guardians can become more involved in their student’s learning and school activities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

Go Sharks!
Ms. McKittrick

In the Spotlight - English Department

It’s always an exciting time in the English Language Arts Department.  With students exploring the new Google Chrome Books, reading engaging texts, and completing a variety of writing assignments, there is never a dull moment in the ELA classrooms.

In order to help your child succeed in class, the English Department would  like to offer the following  tips:
Watch the news and discuss world events
    *This helps your student bring in outside information to his/her writing—adding a level of complexity to their thinking    
Create a culture of reading in your household
    *Expose your child to both fiction and non-fiction texts
Increase the reading of informational texts
    *Provide your student the opportunity to read news articles, magazine articles, which are written differently than novels
Take trips to your local library
    *Reading for fun increases reading fluency (speed) and aids in comprehension
Explore websites that offer writing tips
    *Purdue OWL, Grammar Girl, Mel.org are just a few to get you started

We look forward to a successful year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.  

College Visits: (Eligible 11th or 12th graders can sign up for the college visits outside of the counseling office.)
Oct 1: GVSU @ 8:30 a.m.
Oct 2nd: SVSU @ 12:30p.m.
Oct 7th: Alma @ 12:30 p. m.
Oct 9th: Oakland University @ 8:30 a.m.
Oct 22nd: Northern University @ 10:30 a.m.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Brooks for any counseling questions or concerns.
School Improvement Survey
Please take our school improvement survey. Your feedback in important to helping us get to where we want to be.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9XSR9C6
CHOICE Alternative School
St. Louis Public Schools provides an alternative education program for high school students ages 17 and up.  CHOICE Alternative has been added to the great list of offerings at St. Louis Public Schools. CHOICE offers students a wide range of curriculum studies as well as community involvement opportunities such as employment, job shadowing, volunteerism, voc-ed, co-op, and much more.  If you wish to enroll, please call Jeff at 989-423-9915 for more information.   
E2020 Lab
The high school E2020 lab is open after school from 3-4pm for high school students.  Even if students are not enrolled in the lab for a class period during the day, they are still more than welcome to come in after school to work on other assignments for another class.  Also, if a student is struggling academically in a class, they could come to the E2020 lab and work on an E2020 class for practice. It doesn't need to be for a grade or a credit, just purely extra time to grasp the concepts they may need help with in their regular class. 

If anyone has any questions please feel free contact Sara Bissell at (sbissell@stlouisschools.net)! 
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