Principal's Corner
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    I want to welcome staff, students and parent/guardians to St. Louis High School. I started as the Principal of SLHS in 2011, and continue to be very enthusiastic about the direction our classrooms, teams and School Improvement Plans are headed. In last year’s PC installment, I shared a bit about myself to help you get to know me a bit better. My wife and family continue to be great supporters of my position here. Everybody is a bit older and together, we have the confidence to continue to be dedicated to our personal and professional lives. I am very lucky to have such great success in both worlds.

    There is a strong focus on the multiple cultures that exist in our school that I want to highlight for you. The first is the culture of learning and student academic success. From the first day I arrived two Augusts ago, I heard the staff shout loud and clear about the need to create a culture of learning that will improve all students’ learning. I must say that the enthusiasm and detail of the teachers’ many ideas have helped to build a plan to improve instructional rigor, while differentiating lessons to the benefit of all students. We all want the quality of your student’s education to be of the best possible value to their future.
    Secondly, the community and SLHS staff and students want to see improvement in the quality of the culture of athletics. Our society too often judges the quality of sport by tallying the wins and losses. Let me be clear, I think that winning is very important as well, but there are many, many lessons to learn that are not connected to scores. I am thrilled to have Jennifer McKittrick leading the way to our culture shift. She brings a standard of expectation that any school needs, if there is to be improvement. Her leadership, coupled with the wealth of experience and excitement brought to bear by our coaches, create a bright future for Shark Team spirit and accomplishment.

    Third is the culture of the necessary team approach. If we are going to become the school we all hope for, with the strength of character, academic achievement and leadership, we must make a plan together, decide on the right component parts that will lead us to success and put all the necessary energy into seeing the plan through. I am in the right place at the right time. I see and hear students, staff, community members and families of our community wanting the same things. We want to focus on what is great about our students and help them set objectives and reach goals that will serve them. We want to minimize and eliminate the foolish choices that lead to weakness and disciplinary action. We want to be a school where the focus is on the “WE” and not “Me”. We must put our energy into helping each other, and eliminate the foolishness that can easily tear us down.

   I am the Principal of St. Louis High School. I am one of the team members that want to do whatever it takes to make us proud of ourselves and make all those around us, who care about us, proud of us too.  With the help and dedication of our Board of Education, Mr. Brimmer, Mr. Sztuczko, Mr. Johnson, their support staff and all the educators teaching in our buildings, this is a great place to be. I look forward to 2017 and the opportunity to look back at all the cultural changes that brought us to a place of success and pride that we can all own and celebrate.

Chris Macklin
Principal, SLHS